April 24, 2024

The Rise of Cloud Kitchens in the UK: Choosing the Right Facility

The surge in the food delivery industry, coupled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought cloud kitchen facilities into the spotlight. These kitchens, strategically located to cater to evolving consumer habits, are becoming increasingly prevalent across the globe, including in the United Kingdom. With the UK’s food delivery market poised to reach a value of £38.74 billion (US$48.21 billion) in 2024 and projected to grow at an annual rate of 7.83% (CAGR 2024-2029), reaching a projected market volume of £56.48 billion (US$70.28 billion) by 2029, the momentum driving the adoption of cloud kitchens is unmistakable.

Discover foodie havens

In the United Kingdom, Foodstars UK is embracing the trend of cloud kitchens with locations such as Birmingham, Colindale, Kentish Town, Chiswick Park, Tottenham Hale, Fulham, Bethnal Green, Battersea, Nine Elms, Bermondsey, Wandsworth, Peckham, Streatham, Croydon and Manchester. Extensive research has been undertaken to identify densely populated areas that serve as food delivery hotspots. Our cloud kitchen facilities alleviate logistical challenges, allowing chefs to focus on crafting unforgettable culinary experiences. Explore how these locations stack up against each other. 

Local demographics

Birmingham’s vibrant culinary landscape and easy accessibility to the bustling offices of central Birmingham make it an ideal launchpad for your food delivery venture. With a population of 120,000 and 163,000 households, this locale presents abundant growth prospects, particularly for those specialising in office catering services.

Meanwhile, Foodstars Colindale benefits from its proximity to the Middlesex University campus, ensuring a consistent demand for delivery services. Moreover, the ongoing construction of over 10,000 new homes within a 2-mile radius signals a notable uptick in delivery orders, positioning it as a prime location for expanding delivery operations.

In Kentish Town, our strategic location serves as a pivotal hub for commercial kitchens aiming to efficiently serve central London areas such as Fitzrovia, Marylebone, and Covent Garden. With its rapid dispatch capabilities, this site streamlines delivery operations to cater to the bustling demands of these vibrant districts.

Finally, nestled within the affluent enclave of Chiswick Park, our Foodstars location offers a golden opportunity for thriving businesses. With a local population exceeding 160,000 residents who regularly patronise takeout and delivery services, it presents access to a discerning market eager for premium dining experiences.

Economic strength of communities

Situated in one of London’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, Foodstars Fulham offers smart kitchens tailor-made for restaurant owners keen on expanding their brand. Renowned for its trendy shopping boutiques, vibrant brunch spots, and bustling streets, this area boasts a strong consumer demand, with residents enjoying an average discretionary income of £55,000. It’s an ideal match for businesses venturing into online food ordering.

Meanwhile, Nine Elms presents a compelling opportunity for food enterprises as the area undergoes extensive regeneration, enhancing its appeal to both businesses and residents alike. Upon completion, the regeneration project is anticipated to generate 25,000 new jobs and introduce 20,000 new homes. With its focus on attracting young, skilled professionals, this South London locale is well-suited for food delivery ventures and culinary brands seeking a foothold in the area’s burgeoning market. The surge in new-build flats and business parks has fuelled substantial growth, making it an enticing prospect for businesses looking to thrive in this dynamic environment. 

Global culinary influences

Battersea has long been a hub for caterers and restaurants seeking central production kitchen spaces. Situated just a few miles from central London, Kensington, and Chelsea, it serves as a strategic location for food producers looking to dispatch to these renowned areas. The delivery area boasts robust order volumes spanning a diverse range of cuisines. While burgers reign as the most popular choice for breakfast and brunch, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese cuisines also enjoy significant demand.

Opened on September 28, 2020, Foodstars Croydon is nestled on the west side of town, offering newly renovated commercial kitchens ready for occupancy. With its proximity to residential areas, Croydon town, restaurants, and BOXPARK Croydon, these commercial kitchens are ideally positioned to cater to a wide array of food businesses. Similar to Battersea, the delivery area experiences high order volumes across various cuisines, with burgers leading the pack, followed by chicken, breakfast/brunch, Caribbean, and American offerings.

The future: what lies ahead for cloud kitchens in the UK?

The rise of online ordering has transformed the food industry landscape. With an increasing number of consumers embracing the convenience of ordering from their devices, cloud kitchens are primed to address this growing demand. The simplicity of browsing menus, personalising orders, and arranging deliveries signifies that online ordering is not merely a passing trend but rather the future of dining experiences. 

Unlocking new horizons

While our cloud kitchens currently cater to high-traffic areas across the UK, numerous untapped markets hold vast potential for expansion. Venturing into these new territories offers a golden opportunity for unprecedented success. When selecting the location for your cloud kitchen, exploring these emerging markets could lead to exciting growth opportunities.

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If you’re interested in launching your own cloud kitchen in any of our UK locations or have questions about our cloud kitchen selection, feel free to reach out to us at Foodstars today. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 

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