April 24, 2024

6 Ways to Use Smart Technology in UK’s Professional Kitchens

The culinary scene in the United Kingdom offers a diverse array of flavours from around the world, enjoyed by both locals and tourists, making it a melting pot of culinary delights. Dining out isn’t just a pastime these days; it’s an integral part of our cultural heritage. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Britons’ love for delicious food remains steadfast.

In 2023, the restaurant industry in the United Kingdom is projected to reach £18.7 billion, marking a 2.6 percent increase from the previous year, with further growth expected to £19.5 billion by 2026.

6 technological trends in UK’s food services

Even before the pandemic, UK restaurants were adapting to changing customer preferences, tastes, packaging, and technology. As we navigate the “new normal,” there is a growing demand for eco-friendly products, sustainable ingredients, and convenient dining options.

Despite the reopening of dining establishments, customers still prefer delivery or takeaway. It’s not just about the food; it’s also about how technology is revolutionising our kitchens.

1. Robots and machines in kitchens 

Utilising robots and machines ensures quality, affordability, and safety. These hardworking mechanical aids help reduce costs while maintaining food freshness. Imagine precision robotic arms slicing through the toughest cuts of meat, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

2. Operational technology and kiosks

Kiosks are becoming increasingly common in food courts and major chains like McDonald’s and KFC. These automated ordering stations enhance customer convenience by enabling easy order placement and payment. The digital revolution is reshaping how we interact with food services, creating more seamless and efficient dining experiences.

3. Vending machines

Vending machines are no longer limited to snacks and drinks; they’re now entering eateries to offer fast and contactless food options. Picture a corner of your favourite restaurant with a vending machine stocked with freshly made salads, sandwiches, or even gourmet desserts. These self-service stations cater to both busy professionals and food enthusiasts, providing a hassle-free dining experience.

4. Pre-order apps

Efficiency is highly valued among Britons, and pre-order apps are gaining popularity. Imagine this scenario: you’re on your way to work, craving your favourite meal from the nearby pub. With a simple tap on your phone, you can place your order, customise the seasoning to your liking, and select your pickup time. When you arrive, your piping hot meal is ready, and you’ve avoided the queue. These apps not only save time but also enable restaurants to handle orders more efficiently. 

5. Voice technology

Voice assistants are extending beyond homes and making their way into restaurant kitchens. Chefs can now use voice commands to perform various tasks, such as setting timers or searching for recipes. Operations become more streamlined with voice commands for tasks like adjusting temperatures or checking inventory levels. Picture a busy chef instructing the voice assistant to add more spice to the curry—it’s not science fiction but rather the future of kitchen communication. 

6. POS systems

Point-of-sale (POS) systems have evolved beyond simple transactions. UK eateries are adopting cloud-based POS systems that seamlessly integrate with inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer data. These systems provide real-time insights, helping restaurant owners make informed decisions. POS systems empower businesses to thrive in a competitive market by monitoring ingredient costs and understanding customer preferences.

Where tradition meets innovation

In UK kitchens, tradition blends with technology. From street vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants, creativity fuels our culinary journey. As traditional British aromas mix with the hum of modern appliances, we celebrate the fusion that defines our culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring restaurateur, embrace the digital revolution— the secret ingredient that enhances every dish. The future of food is smart, and UK kitchens are at the forefront. 

About Foodstars UK

Foodstars provides state-of-the-art commercial kitchen facilities for restaurants, cloud kitchens, and food delivery businesses across the United Kingdom. Our strategic locations throughout the UK have proven invaluable for numerous food and beverage brands, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. Elevate your culinary experience with innovative technological solutions at Foodstars UK.

For more information, visit Foodstars today.

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