Software that brings it all together

We've hand-crafted software specifically designed for restaurants, chefs, and culinary teams that need a kitchen solution. Instantly connect to our technology stack and manage all your orders through a single app. Our valuable tools and insights help kitchens manage their orders, predict demand, and increase profits.


Serving up the technology

Technology is a vital part of running a kitchen today. Our software is designed to boil down the complexity and give you room to focus on your food.


Consolidate all your delivery platforms.

It's simple - more delivery platforms equals more orders. Connect all the platforms through one tablet in each smart kitchen as a solution to multiple workflows.


Be in control of every order

Our single tablet system combines all delivery orders going in and out of your smart kitchen. It also merges performance data from different platforms into one neat, organised place.


Facilitate order demand

We can help you find more customers by generating demand with our consulting and delivery app marketing.


Build multiple brands in the same kitchen

Grow exponentially by utilising our list of globally successful delivery-focused restaurant brands built to help you tap into an entirely new consumer base.


Everything you need, within arm's reach

The core of any central kitchen is in the software. Take advantage of our tried and tested software and run your food delivery business smoothly and efficiently.

Sync your delivery services

Connect your delivery services to a single tablet.

Easily manage your menus

Add, delete, or modify items on the fly.


Have access to a regularly updated overview of your delivery business.

Oversee your orders

Toggle between auto-confirming orders or manually confirming.

Get accurate reports

Export your reports and data onto valuable spreadsheets

Access your history

Get your order history to keep track of everything.

  • Order history / details
  • Order pausing
  • Manage and sync menus
  • Courier tracking
  • Custom prep times
  • 3rd party couriers
  • Powerful reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Connect all delivery apps to single tablet
  • Merge order data to create actionable insights
  • Auto-accept and confirm orders
  • 86 items

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