Ready-to-move-in commercial kitchens for catering businesses

Strategically located and affordable production kitchens for corporate and event caterers. Find a commercial kitchen in London, Manchester or Birmingham.


Versatile catering kitchen spaces

The magic of a flawlessly catered event often hides its most crucial element: the unseen kitchen. Foodstars' strategically located kitchens designed for catering prep and food production, eliminate the logistical nightmares of on-site preparation.


Flexible terms & spaces

Foodstars offers flexible kitchen spaces ranging from 15 to 150 sqm. Say goodbye to 5-year contracts. Foodstars gives you peace of mind with terms starting from 12 months.


State-of-the-art facilities

Foodstars' kitchens are designed for plug-and-play convenience, featuring ample fridge, freezer, and dry storage on-site. Simply bring in your preferred equipment and start cooking.


Designed for comfort

Our kitchens feature comfortable break rooms and secure loading zones, creating a welcoming, convenient and safe environment for you and your employees.


End-to-end support

We’ll review your plans and guide you through the administrative licensing steps for a smooth, stress-free launch. Foodstars handles property management, maintenance, and security, allowing you to focus on your business.

Why open a catering kitchen with Foodstars ?

Strategic locations for growth and expansion

Our kitchens across the UK all ideally situated in key neighbourhoods. Whether you're looking to deliver to your event sites, or to customers' doors, you're never far with Foodstars.

Built for catering businesses

Running a catering business differs from delivery or restaurant brands. Your private kitchen space can be configured to optimise prep and production.

Endless possibilities

We know no business is the same. Our kitchens can be reworked to best fit your needs. Want an entire floor of prep space? We’ve got you. Need more storage? We’ve go that too.


More than just kitchen spaces

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure your teams have everything they need. Including comfortable break rooms, clean toilets, and secure changing rooms, all maintained by our dedicated on-site staff.

Start cooking with us today