April 17, 2024

10 Tips for Expanding Your Food Delivery Business in the UK

The landscape for restaurants in the United Kingdom has undergone significant changes due to measures implemented following the onset of the pandemic. With fewer people eating out, many restaurants are turning to food delivery instead. This change, along with different habits from customers, has led to lots of restaurants starting to deliver food online. For example, during COVID-19, over 10,000 restaurants joined Deliveroo.

While this influx highlights the growing trend toward a delivery-centric model, it also intensifies competition in the food delivery sector. To do well in this competitive market, food delivery businesses need to use smart strategies to attract customers online.

#1: Use great pictures and videos

Good-looking photos and videos of your food can make people want to order from you. High-quality images help customers decide what to buy. Use professional media to show off your food and stand out from other restaurants.

#2: Team up with high-quality dark kitchens

Make your operations smoother by teaming up with dark (cloud) kitchens designed for delivery orders. These special spaces are just for preparing food for delivery, so you can concentrate only on getting orders out fast. Pick strategic spots to save money and reach more customers.

#3: Keep your website fresh

Your website is like your business’s online storefront. Work with experts to create and update a website that attracts visitors and makes it easy for them to order online. Take advantage of the flexibility of running a cloud kitchen to strengthen your brand online.

#4: Set prices according to demand

Study what customers want and adjust your prices to make the most profit. Use technology to find areas where people want your food but only have a few options. Keep track of what sells well and tweak your prices to make more money.

#5: Boost your brand with social media

Get more people interested in your business by connecting with them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Make profiles for your business to get noticed, and team up with influencers to reach even more people.

#6: Stay visible offline too

Even though online marketing is important, don’t forget about traditional ways to get noticed. Hand out flyers, leaflets, and business cards to spread the word and attract people in your area.

#7: Ask customers for reviews

Good reviews online help people trust your business and want to try it. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on websites and respond to feedback to show you care about quality.

#8: Keep customers coming back

Prioritise food quality and consistency, and give rewards to loyal customers so they keep coming back. Listen to what customers say so you can improve your services and keep them happy.

#9: Use email to reach customers

Send emails to tell customers about special deals, discounts, and news about your business. Make the emails personal to connect with people and keep them up to date with what you offer.

#10: Show off what makes you stand out from the crowd

Figure out what makes your restaurant different from others and talk about it. Whether it’s great prices, special food, or amazing service, focus on what you’re best at to get and keep customers.

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Getting ahead in the UK’s food delivery scene needs smart planning and attention to digital marketing, running things smoothly, and keeping customers happy. Team up with Foodstars, a top dark kitchen provider, to make the most of your food delivery business. Get in touch now for personalised help and support to make your business a success in these tough times.

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