193 Hercules Rd, London SE1 7LD

We are delighted to have brought Foodstars to Waterloo. Built in the early part of 2017, this space consists of private commercial kitchens perfect for all types of food production. It is ideally located for transport near to the city centre and delivery around Southwark, Westminster and Covent Garden.


A community of food businesses in the heart of Waterloo.

Waterloo, Westminster and Kennington can all be reached within a few minutes, exemplifying exactly how this Foodstars location is positioned strategically for on demand food delivery businesses operating from dark kitchens or delivery only kitchens.

There are strong order volumes in the delivery area for a large variety of cuisines. Burgers are the most popular type of cuisine. Chicken, breakfast/brunch, Japanese and American food are also popular.

Wide Delivery Area

Estimated delivery area radius of 4km

High Population Density

Estimated population for the delivery area 408,000

High Average Household Income

76% of the population with an estimated household income of £40,000+

Young and Largely Child-free Population

Estimated average age 36, and estimated average household size 2.2


Flexible options, adaptable kitchens

Our commercial kitchens are flexible to suit your food business, both in terms of licensing options and kitchen specs. They have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial kitchen businesses. But we realise not every business is the same, so layouts can be adapted to suit the needs of our clients.


  • Extraction & ventilation
  • Natural gas & interlock system
  • Three phase electricity
  • Industrial boiler
  • Non-slip floor
  • Hygienic walls / skirting
  • Commercial high power lighting

Bringing restaurants into the future

Kitchens now available throughout England. Save money, adapt, and grow your restaurant business profitably with delivery-only kitchens.

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