March 06, 2024

Elevate Your Menu: 6 Proven Sales Boosters for UK Deliveries

In the UK, the food delivery market has surged, with the sector’s value hitting approximately £10.5 billion in 2021. This growth trajectory continued through the years, reflecting a robust demand for restaurant-quality meals at home. To capitalise on this trend, a well-crafted menu is crucial. It’s not just about the variety of offerings but also about presenting them in a way that resonates with customers’ preferences.

A compelling menu does more than list dishes; it communicates your brand’s ethos and influences purchasing decisions. By streamlining choices and highlighting signature dishes, you can enhance user experience and boost order volumes. Remember, a menu that aligns with consumer trends and showcases your culinary strengths can be a powerful tool to distinguish your business in the bustling UK food delivery scene.

So, how can you create a better menu for your food delivery business? Here are some tips to improve your menu and boost your sales and orders.

1. Simplify your menu

A common pitfall for many food establishments is an overstuffed menu. It’s tempting to offer an array of dishes, but this can often leave patrons bewildered from decision fatigue. A study from Columbia University revealed that a choice of six jams led to more purchases than a selection of 24. The lesson here: less is more.

To avoid this, prune your menu to showcase your stars – the dishes that define your brand and bring in the profits. Categorise your offerings thoughtfully. For instance, a pizza place might sort its fare into clear sections: pizzas, pasta, salads, sides, and beverages, with further divisions like vegetarian or seafood. This approach not only refines your menu but also accelerates the ordering process, enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. Use descriptive and appealing language

Elevate your menu with language that paints a picture for the senses. A mere “chicken sandwich” becomes a “Golden-Crumbed Chicken Fillet, nestled between a warm, toasted brioche bun, accompanied by crisp lettuce and ripe tomato, all brought together with a dollop of creamy mayo.” Such vivid descriptions can transform a simple meal into an irresistible culinary adventure.

But while detailed descriptions can be tempting, moderation is key. Overuse of flowery language can raise scepticism. Stick to familiar terms that promise authenticity, like “hand-pulled” or “garden-fresh”, to maintain credibility. It’s about finding the perfect balance that entices without overwhelming, ensuring your menu remains relatable and appetising.

3. Add quality visuals

In online food delivery, visuals are not just supplementary; they’re essential. A study by Limetray found that menus featuring images can boost conversion rates by over 25%. Grubhub echoes this sentiment, advising restaurant partners that well-curated food photos can surge online orders by 30% or more.

By integrating crisp, high-quality images that accurately reflect your dishes, you provide a tantalising preview that can sway customers to order. These images must mirror the true portion size and presentation to maintain trust and meet customer expectations. With authentic and appealing visuals, your menu becomes a compelling invitation to dine. 

4. Highlight your specials and promotions

Enticing customers with specials and promotions is a classic move to boost sales. A well-timed offer, like a seasonal special or a two-for-one deal, can capture attention and prompt quicker decisions. Use banners judiciously to feature these deals without overwhelming your menu.

Balance is key—too many offers can clutter the experience and dilute your brand’s essence. Ensure that each promotion reflects the quality and style your customers expect from you. For a high-end steakhouse, for instance, a premium wagyu beef upgrade might be more appropriate than a discounted burger. Align your promotions with your brand to maintain a coherent identity and keep your clientele engaged and satisfied.

5. Optimise your menu for mobile devices

In today’s UK, where smartphones reign, optimising your menu for mobile devices is non-negotiable. A mobile-friendly menu must be swift, responsive, and a breeze to navigate across various devices. It’s about ensuring that your culinary offerings shine on the smallest of screens without compromising on speed or functionality.

For mobile menu excellence, prioritise a clean design with legible fonts and strong contrasts. Keep text brief, as customers tend to scroll quickly. Ensure smooth navigation and quick search functionality to facilitate dish discovery. Incorporate ratings and reviews for trust and round off with a secure, hassle-free payment process.

6. Test and update your menu regularly

To stay ahead in the UK’s dynamic food delivery market, regularly refining your menu is essential. Utilise customer feedback and data analytics tools to gauge your menu’s performance. Key metrics to monitor include the conversion rate, which reflects the percentage of viewers who place orders, and the average order value, indicating spending patterns. Additionally, track the repeat order rate to assess customer retention and gather customer satisfaction insights to fine-tune your offerings.

By staying attuned to customer preferences and market trends, you can ensure your menu remains appealing and relevant, fostering loyalty and driving sales.

Perfect your UK menu today

In the vibrant UK food delivery market, a well-designed menu is your gateway to success. By implementing the strategies outlined, you can significantly enhance customer engagement and sales. These tactics are not just about creating a menu but more so about crafting an experience that resonates with the UK palate.

If you’re looking for a pivotal partner in this endeavour, look no further than Foodstars. We provide a robust platform with services tailored for the UK’s food delivery businesses. With facilities like a central food delivery order processing centre, delivery driver management, fire-rated infrastructure, and convenient loading docks, Foodstars equips you with the tools to excel. 

Learn more about our commitment to supporting your growth, ensuring that your culinary creations reach customers efficiently and safely, and setting you apart in the competitive UK market. Get in touch with us today!

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