August 17, 2018

Where in London should you locate your prep kitchen?

London is like a Marauder’s Map for Food Adventurers with a wealth of treasure to be unearthed in nooks and crannies through the city. It’s why at FoodStars we’ve carefully selected kitchens to license at various strategic locations around London. It’s energetic, exciting and enchanting with a feast for all the senses no matter what your preferences are. So if the explorers are out on the streets where, as a food producer, should you bury your treasure to entice them in and more importantly where should you locate your prep kitchen?

Caterers are now blessed with a great choice of kitchens to rent in London but getting one in the right location is fundamental to maximising your output and making the most of the Treasure Map. Essentially your decision rests on three factors: do you chase the feet, follow the food or focus on the flow?

Look for densely populated areas

If you want to find kitchens in London that allow you to chase the feet then you’re looking for high traffic locations. You want to be pitching up where there is a constant flow of tourists, commuters and aimless wanderers. So you should be thinking of setting up your prep kitchen within a stone’s throw of places like Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge or Trafalgar Square. Competition for share of the pocket will be heavy in these spots for obvious reasons but if you’re able to be in and amongst the magic you’ll be better placed to make the most of your opportunities.

Find an area that’s already popular for food

Secondly, you could choose to follow the food. Any good food explorer worth their salt in London will know where to seek out the already great food spots so the footfall to these locations will be hungry, willing to try new things and will probably already have their wallets open! Ideal foodie spots are an established haven so setting up your prep kitchen in somewhere close to Leather Lane, Brick Lane or Shoreditch would give you enviable access to the baying crowds.

Focus on an area with good infrastructure

Finally, you could choose to focus on the flow for your kitchen in London. Whilst London is a hotspot for foodies it can also be a logistical enigma if transport links are an afterthought. However, if you’re considered with where you rent your commercial kitchen and plan your routes you can edge ahead of the competition with an efficient, painless and stress-free path to your foodie fortune!

So if you’re considering where to setup your prep kitchen make sure you heed this advice:

  • Firstly establish what you’re focusing on: chasing the feet, following the food or the flow
  • Draw up your Marauder’s Map: decide where you can hunt to win
  • Location, location, location: don’t underestimate how important it is to have the right location for your base

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