February 01, 2017

Three Protein Packed Recipes

By Victoria McGee

Here are my three protein packed recipes that are perfect for an after workout snack or as breakfast. All these recipes are super easy and really quick to make. They are all healthy for you and great to help with that new years diet. They’re so good they would sell like hotcakes… And you could find a commercial kitchen to license to test that theory.

Protein Pancakes

My first and favourite recipe is protein pancakes, I have made these once before and this is the second time. These pancakes come from the Superfood Bakery. The pancakes are quick and easy also healthy for you too. You only need three eggs and some almond milk to add to the mixture. On top of that you can also add anything extra you would like. I added Raw Cacao protein to our pancakes to add a bit of protein after my gym day. This protein comes from Pure Blend Company.

After making the mixture you then need to cook the pancakes in a frying pan. I used coconut oil to stop the pancakes from sticking to the pan. I used The Natural Empire’s coconut oil, this is a healthy alternative to normal oil or butter. When cooking the pancakes be sure to heat up the pan then take the pan off the hob to add the coconut oil and then add your mixture to the pan off the hob. As the mixture is quite thick and sticky it is hard to move around the pan to create it’s shape so this is the best way to cook it. Also this helps make sure you get a nice colour to your pancakes and make sure they aren’t over cooked.

To add to the taste of the pancakes I added natural yoghurt, honey, coconut shavings and goji berries. The pancakes have a lovely taste of cinnamon and the yoghurt really compliments this taste along with the taste from the coconut shavings. The pancakes are quite heavy so you don’t need to cook that many, I would definitely recommend sharing with a friend.

Bliss Balls

My second recipe that I suggest is Bliss Balls, they are so easy to make and really great as a post or pre workout snack. For this I used a packet from the Superfood Bakery again and for this recipe you just add in honey, coconut oil and water. This packet makes 15 balls but I made 10 balls out of the mixture. I didn’t really measure the ingredients, just put in enough honey and coconut oil till the mixture got thick and sticky. I melted the coconut oil because I thought that it would be better in the mixture that way. After you have the mixture nice and thick you need to roll the mixture into balls. I then placed them on plate and put them in the fridge for twenty minutes. These smell and taste amazing, I would definitely suggest buying this packet and trying it yourself at home.

Eggs and Spinach

The last recipe is also a really easy recipe but I really suggest with as a snack during the day or after a workout. Eggs are a great source of protein and I try and add them to my meals whenever I can. Spinach is a great source of iron and is complimented really well by the eggs. I fried the spinach in a pan over the hob with a little bit of vegetable oil. For a healthier option you can use coconut oil. I choose to poach my eggs as this is my favourite way but you can also fried them or boil the to go with the spinach too. I just like the taste and texture of the yolk over the spinach. I poach my eggs in a wok as the edges are curved this gives the eggs a bit more shape. I don’t use vinegar in the simmering water. I just stir the water a bit before adding the egg in. You can add a little pepper for taste too. I also added pine nuts in because I love these and they really add extra taste to the mix.

About the author

My name is Victoria McGee, I am currently a Fashion Photography student at the London College of Fashion. I am a food blogger and have worked with companies including the Superfood Bakery, Mio Skincare, Yoga Design Lab, Nakd Wholefood, Collective Yoghurt and many more. I am also the social media correspondent for the Yummy Tummy Company. I struggled with self consciousness at a young age and have been working on making my body look good for four years including dieting, healthy eating and exercise

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