April 03, 2019

Catering & Hospitality Must Reads: March 2019

We asked a number of FoodStars members who operate in the on demand food delivery space how they feel the food delivery market has changed.

These members include businesses who license a FoodStars kitchen and specialise in the following cuisines, food or dietary requirements; BBQ, Chicken, Chinese, Gluten Free & Physique Orientated Clean Eating.

Questions & Answers

How and why has the food delivery market changed?

“New third party food delivery companies that allow consumers to compare menus, scan and in some cases post reviews. Being able to order a meal within few simple clicks and having great food delivered quickly has changed a food delivery sector was very different a few years ago.”

Who is driving this change?

“As well as major food delivery technology companies, it is the innovation and flexibility that numerous restaurants are showing. There are many restaurants that “would never” deliver that now do and also high quality restaurants that have no retail front or seating for customers, but choose to run from dark kitchens, specialising in delivery only. Finally, consumers are more open to the concept of food delivery than ever before.”

What do you think is the future of food delivery?

“Its popularity will grow. People’s lives are getting busier. Food delivery quality is getting better, healthier and there are more options. Ordering at times that are not so popular with traditional restaurants may become popular, such as delivery for breakfast and overnight meals. Many FoodStars members feel food delivery only kitchens will become more popular.”

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Is it a trend or permanent change?

“Looking at the past few years growth in the sector and increased competition among restaurants and food delivery technology businesses, it’s hard to say this change isn’t permanent.”

What is the benefit of operating from a FoodStars commercial kitchen?

“FoodStars allows you to focus your attention on running your business by removing the need to worry about your kitchen. They give you a generous amount of catering equipment, so all you need to do is turn up and get started. Their locations are attractive and their kitchen set up helps businesses reduce typical restaurant overheads such as; major capex costs, staff costs and allows business to expand their dark kitchens strategy quickly and with little investment required. On a personal level it is nice to work in a community of food producers.”

If you’re thinking of building a food delivery business, check out this interview with FoodStars member, Gym Food which offers advice on starting your own food delivery business, as well as insight into what you need – from business plans and funding to mental health and the emotional ups and downs of starting your own business.

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